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Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test may be a series of the century “have you ever questions” that examines your purity.

The Rice Purity Test originated from Rice University, which is why it is called – The Rice Purity Test. The purpose of this test wont to be to assist new students bond during the university’s orientation. Now, this test may be a fun test that will be taken by anyone as a measure of one’s level of purity.

The 100 problem review includes everything that people may have done on a physical aspect. Not only that, it asks you if you have ever been on the wrong side of the law.

Think it’s silly to try to do a test involving purity? Well, why not? It is fun, and it could say a lot about yourself that you may not have noticed from a close view. It could provide insight or an impression of how you have matured via your progress throughout your college life.

Take Rice Purity Test Online

If you’re thinking that we’re going to give you a quiz for testing the purity and quality of rice in your kitchen, you’re Wrong! Yeah! This is exactly different from its name. Rice purity test is conducted at the University of Houston in Texas, the U.S. The name of the university is Rice University and so is the name of this test. It has nothing to do with ‘Rice’.

This is the annual test conducted as part of the orientation program for students. Taking this test, students are assessed based on their overall learning during the whole college life at Rice University. This test also helps in strengthen students' bond with their fellows. Besides the purpose for which this quiz is created, students also take part in this quiz just for having some fun.

Why is it called the Rice Purity Test?

As mentioned earlier, the good, discerning students at Rice University made up and gathered 100 inquiries to see how “pure” an individual is predicated on the questions. It’s a veritable checklist of Do’s and Don’ts (depending on your preference) that you simply can mark off via the box checklist on the left. You check the boxes as you go down the questionnaire.

If you’ve experienced it, then plow ahead and click on it. If not, then move on to the next question. When you finish the questionnaire, click on “Calculate My Score!” and the result will be shown. If you would like to start over or have someone do the Rice Purity Test, then click on “Clear Checkboxes.”

The score is going to be displayed (anything from 0 to 100). The rule is that the upper your score is, the purer you're. The lower your score, the kinkier and more promiscuous you're.

Take Rice Purity Quiz

Rice Purity Quiz

This rice purity quiz contains a complete of 100 questions. It’s a sort of survey which is conducted fully online officially on the website of Rice University. It’s a simple test wherein 100 questions with some answers are shown to you on the screen.

You need to see within the box relevant to your answer. At last, you would like to click the ‘Submit’ button to calculate your score. Your scorecard will soon be displayed on your screen. The questions in this quiz are related to the personal and academic life of the students, say what they have done in college, about their friends, fellows, etc. It’s really fun to take this survey as students would not just know about their friends but also self-assess themselves. For each question, one mark is allotted.

Final Words

Find out your purity score now! Just answer 100 simple questions and this test will tell you your maturity level as a university student. Match your score with your classmates and see who’s got more swag! Want to know more about this test, how to play it, and the rice purity test score meaning, read the complete details below.

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